Vision for No Reputation Communications, LLC.

Being that most of the culture is hooked on internet usage, movies, music and information in various forms, the vision of NRC is to draw people near to God through the plethoric field of communications and through inspirational products.

Getting people to talk with God and listen to His responses is a passion for LaCosta and a key goal of NRC. His training and repeated exposure to patients with an array of hearing difficulties prepared him for this challenge.

"People are having a hard time hearing God over all the noise pollution in their lives," LaCosta explained. "To put it mildly, we are living in an age of overstimulation and it creates a spiritual static that is annoying at best and debilitating at worse. In the physical world, it's hard to hear over a lot of extraneous and varying noise inputs. It's the same in the spiritual world. Oversaturation has led to spiritual hearing loss/deafness in individuals and in our society. It creates a crisis of individual direction and leadership in our culture."

NRC's lead-off inspirational line is The King's Favorite Book, based on LaCosta's 560-word moving allegory on God's listening ear. The line includes its hallmark product: a year-in-the-making faux leather Florentine keepsake journal. It is the World's First trademarked StoryJournal and it leads the reader to talk with God through the time-honored discipline of journaling.

Another aspect of getting people to hear God is through the medium of songwriting. With five CD's behind LaCosta, NRC will take his music to a new level as he produces songs for other more noted artists to record. He will also occasionally perform live to bring some boomer poignancy to the stage and still enjoys a steady dose of leading worship in various settings.

NRC will also publish his novels and offer screenplays that LaCosta hopes will whet the appetite of those who might not otherwise be attracted to the Christian faith.