Speaking Engagements

LaCosta borrows from over two decades of experience in the hearing healthcare field to blend the natural with the supernatural in his presentation, "Talk With God." He compares natural hearing loss with spiritual hearing difficulties. Drawing from over three decades of journaling, the author helps audiences develop a conversational relationship with God.

Cutting through much of the mystical veils of religion, LaCosta helps pilgrims realize that God is like a father who yearns to talk with His children more than His people generally want to talk with God. Safeguards to mis-hearing are reviewed in depth. The topic can be covered at a regular church service, seminar or weekend retreat. A leather journal (see The King's Favorite Book) can also be included for each participant to help jumpstart the process of everyday conversation with God. A follow-up can be scheduled yearly to review the faithfulness of God as spoken through the journals.

"The thing I like about public speaking is that I get a chance to read the eyes of those in the audience. You can tell that you are touching hearts as they nod their heads in affirmation or they're caught off guard with my humor or make their way up to you after the talk. When I speak with people one on one, we both feel lifted and that's the best feeling… not knowing who received more, the speaker or the audience."

As a worship leader and performer, LaCosta dons the cap as an exhorter and instructor. He enjoys teaching new songs, introducing original compositions and bringing people together through inspired music. Often, the lyrics focus on an understanding God who draws us into His presence, liberating the listener to become more like Him.