LaCosta says he rarely "tries" to write songs, they write him… "When they're done, I feel like a college student whose professor just handed him the notes. They're all about God, either in a crossover form or in a more direct fashion. It's kind of like first-love all the time... why would I want to write about anyone else?"

Music Samples

My Day Will Be An Act of Worship
I Heard It For Myself
Don't Give Up On Christmas
Sacred Place
Perseverance - Standing Strong

He has composed over 1,000 songs in varied styles. The subject matter is always spiritual even when written in a manner that takes some digging to unearth. His early years as an FM disc jockey gave him an appreciation of many a genre. He loves to pen country crossover, ballads, inspirational, straight-up rock, worship and praise. You’ll never be bored, but you will be surprised. Paradox, metaphor and deep emotion are often the counterpoints to his artistry.